March 2, 2010

The Big Projects

First and foremost we must introduce the pigs. We will just call them Mr. W and Mr. D. I'll let Jarrett give you the low down on these guys, he lives with them. I can tell you they are Durocs, they are for the restaurant, you will be eating them sometime in the summer, they (the pigs) eat extremely well, and the experiences of being in their company thus far have been rich.

Second project, not yet in motion due to inclement weather, but within the week we will be hitting the pavement on, the patio garden. The space is great, the sun is so-so, the beds are only 2 feet deep, but I plan on a beautiful showing to accent the water fountain and the already interesting building. We have some herbs sprouting already in Jarrett's seed trays. We still have to decide on how much is going to be reserved for the kitchen garden and what exactly to grow.

Third, composting. We aquired a compost tumbler. We now have 1. A place to put our organic matter 2. A nice medium for the plants we want to grow and what we don't compost we feed to the pigs.

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