March 14, 2010

The Royal We

So we've posted prolifically since inception. We've established a foundation of the story behind the pigs and the farm. We've talked about our plans for the green space on our patio. We've posted photos of our food. As to the quality of the photos, we're cooks, not photographers. (Actually, I am. but I traded my SLR for a bike. About as smart of a decision as to open a restaurant thinking it'd be 'fun') What we have yet to do is established who "We" are. To be clear, there are three voices on this blog. Those belonging to Jarrett Freeman, Justin Hershey and moi, Vu Nguyen. If you don't know us individually, you may know us collectively as the short lived boy band phenomenon, N'Zinc:

Photo courtesy of The Hook.

The band performs nightly at 420 West Main Street. When we're not on tour stupendifying the masses with such hits as "Oops, I Sousvided It Again" and "Pie, Pie, Pie" we like to kick around the kitchen with Big Bold Flavors in vigilant preparation for a Bobby Flay Throwdown.

Vital stats: Justin, when not cooking is most certainly thinking about cooking. He enjoys reading food text, watching food t.v., buying food gadgets, and thinking about how to blow your mind with food; Jarrett when not charcutering (not a real word) enjoys farming, herb, all things pig, and Dogfish 60 min.; Me, I eat, worry, rinse and repeat.

There is another fellow in the kitchen who deserves some credit, Monty. Lord, he tries. If we were the A-Team: Justin would be Hannibal because he's so serious, Jarrett would be Face because he appropriates useful items for the team and he's so pretty, Monty would be Murdock because he provides the comic relief and I'd be, yup,...The Van, because nobody, i repeat, NOBODY is B.A. Baracus but Mr. T.

Success in the restaurant industry never rests solely on the strength of the kitchen so I must pay the other half their due. In no particular order I want to thank my staff:
Misty Critzer, Diana Bendixen, Jaime Allison, Dan Baptist, Caitlin McAleer, Tanya Rutherford, Alissa Schoeny, Sera, Kara, Juan and Miguel. Of course there are so many more people to thank but this ain't the Oscars.

Speaking of the Oscars, free association leads me to Oscar Meyer which naturally leads me to pork which leads me to Doobie and Mr. Wiggles.

Mere piglets at 7 weeks, Mr. Wiggles and Doobie weighed 18 and 20 pounds respectively. Method used to weigh:

Length x Girth Squared divided by 400.

Since then, Doobie has gained weight much faster than Wiggles. Makes sense, he's a bully. They've got to be over 60 pounds by now with a ten pound difference between them. I haven't weighed them in awhile. I'll have an update later this week when I get a chance to go see them. Jarrett says I'll be surprised. Pshaw, I'd know my kids anywhere.

And on a side note, beef tongue:

Bon appetit.
Yours, Vu

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  1. It's nice to see you got your blog rolling. We're looking forward to coming down from DC when the pigs are butchered.